HarrisonParrott Artists in Music Never Sleeps DMF & special award for Barbara Hannigan

Patricia Kop ERIC MELZER
Gautier Capuçon
François Leleux
Francesco Tristano
Marco Borggreve
Gill Shaham
Martin Grubinger

HarrisonParrott Artists in Music Never Sleeps DMF & special award for Barbara Hannigan


Marco Borggreve
Barbara Hannigan

It is a very important time to support our younger colleagues, to encourage them and to mentor them. This year, as the Glashütte Original Music Festival Award happens, I am happy to say it goes directly to young artists in the first phase of their career. It is a sign of hope and a sign of encouragement for them. We are saying: we want to hear you, to hear your voices, your interpretations, we want to work with you and witness the development of your projects and your dreams. It is a time when we embrace our community, and we help each other. I am extremely grateful, and I am very hopeful”

Barbara Hannigan