50 Years in a Day – the audience speaks

50 Years in a Day – the audience speaks


We round up some of the lovely responses we have had from audience members, colleagues and HP artists to our day of celebrations for our 50th anniversary, which took place at Southbank Centre on 6 October

A quick message to say how much my whole family enjoyed the HP50 afternoon chamber concert at the Southbank. We got HP tickets through the Tri-borough Music Hub, which my young daughters both participate in, and it was incredibly inspiring and engaging for them to see such a variety of instruments, most excitingly those that they are just beginning to learn themselves, being played so beautifully.’

It was a magical evening, enriched by the surprise appearance of Barbara Hannigan. Both of my children were engrossed throughout and burst into enthusiastic applause at the end of the Rosenkavalier and the Enigma Variations. They have been to concerts at the Royal Festival Hall and Albert Hall before but the guest list” nature of this made it feel to them like a very grown up and special night out.’

Thank you so much for a fantastic performance in the evening. Brought a family member and a friend who were swept away by the concert. It was amazing.’

We were delighted to attend a wonderful concert One Orchestra, Four Great Conductors at the Southbank. Thank you very much for a beautiful evening. It was a true inspiration for my son, who plays flute.’

I went together with my husband. The location is fantastic and the theatre is very comfortable. We loved the concert. We were familiar with the different pieces of music that the orchestra played, but the expertise of each single musician has been exceptional. I also enjoyed to see different conductors for each musical piece. The concert has been so entertaining that the time went so fast. I also enjoyed the speech. Thanks for giving us the opportunity of getting tickets for this amazing concert”