Santtu-Matias Rouvali appointed Principal Conductor of Philharmonia Orchestra & extends at Gothenburg Symphony

Camilla Greenwell

Santtu-Matias Rouvali appointed Principal Conductor of Philharmonia Orchestra & extends at Gothenburg Symphony


I am honoured to be the new Principal Conductor of the Philharmonia. This is the start of a great adventure: London is such an exciting place for orchestras, and the Philharmonia is at the heart of classical music life in this city. The players of the Philharmonia can do anything: they are enormously talented and show an incredible hunger to create great performances. There is huge possibility with this orchestra, and we will do great things together.”

Santtu’s appointment is a very special moment for both the Philharmonia Orchestra and our wider family of partners, audiences and funders. Santtu represents the future: he’s young, dynamic, a natural musician and a conducting wizard. He has a proven record of building audiences for orchestras and for thinking creatively about what role a symphony orchestra can play in 21st century society. He is a worthy successor to Esa-Pekka, with whom we are delighted to be continuing our relationship in a new guise.”

Helen Sprott, Managing Director

We are thrilled about the magnificent artistic outcome of this rare partnership which now has a solid ground to stand on for many years to come.”