Pierre-Laurent Aimard receives the Léonie Sonning Music Prize 2022

Pierre-Laurent Aimard 9562_©Wiener Konzerthaus Julia Wesely

Pierre-Laurent Aimard receives the Léonie Sonning Music Prize 2022 


It is a great honour and joy to be receiving the Léonie Sonning Music Prize. I am very touched that I have been considered alongside other remarkable and distinguished artists who have had the privilege of receiving this distinction.”

(Pierre-Laurent Aimard)
Pierre-Laurent Aimard © Julia Wesely
Pierre-Laurent Aimard © Julia Wesely

For the last 40 years, Pierre-Laurent Aimard has been one of the most groundbreaking and refined pianists. With his signature artistic style that encompasses sensitive sound, a strong intellect, and a sparkling expressivity, he has been pushing the boundaries within the art of the piano. And with his visionary programs where composers from different eras are brought together, he has inspired the creation of new music, new interpretations of the classics and conveyed the qualities of lesser-known music.”

(The Chairman for Léonie Sonning Music Foundation, Esben Tange)
Pierre-Laurent Aimard © Julia Wesely

It is a pleasure for The Royal Danish Orchestra to play at the Léonie Sonning’s award ceremony 2022. We are looking forward to performing with the award recipient, Pierre-Laurent Aimard. Aimard is ultimately one of the world’s very best and most sought-after pianists, so getting him to come to Copenhagen and play three works with him is extremely inspiring for the orchestra.”

(Deputy Orchestra Director, Adam Stadnicki)