The Arcangelo Recording Fund 20/21: Nicolas Altstaedt

Nicolas Altsaedt © Marco Borggreve

The Arcangelo Recording Fund 20/21: Nicolas Altstaedt


Nicolas Altstaedt
Nicolas Altsatedt © Marco Borggreve

Nicolas Altstaedt and the sinewy warmth of his 1760 Gigli are a great fit for this often rather wild music…Arcangelo under Cohen breathe the music, capturing the frequent storminess but also bringing substantial dignity, their zing coming from their actual tone and lucid textural balance…’


In the B‑flat major’s concerto’s Allegretto, Altstaedt trades expressive elegance with frenetic bowing, as if furiously scraping an old house, flakes of paint flying everywhere… the atmospheric effects that the conductor Jonathan Cohen conjures here — muted strings sighing in anguish — are breathtakingly cinematic.’

(The Washington Post)

This recording captures all the fiery wit of orchestral-soloist banter…’

(BBC Music Magazine)
© Balazs Borocz - Pilvax - Lockenhaus
Nicolas Altstaedt © Balazs Borocz — Pilvax — Lockenhaus
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Nicolas Altstaedt © Marco Borggreve
©Marco Borggreve
Nicolas Altsaedt © Marco Borggreve