We develop and deliver tours and residencies for a host of prestigious clients across classical and world music, dance and theatre. Our geographical reach spans every continent, and we have a particular expertise working in emerging markets. We also ensure each tour helps achieve our client’s strategic objectives, creating lasting impact at home and abroad. For venues and festivals, we help source exciting programming and content that compliments their artistic vision and audience development. 


International artist management has always been the core of our business. We are proud to represent an exceptional list of performers - from emerging talent to the internationally renowned. We are committed to helping them forge distinctive careers as concert and recording artists, tailoring our work to their individual needs and aspirations. Our relationships with promoters are characterised by trust, integrity and partnership. 


Innovation, expertise and responsiveness have been the hallmarks of HarrisonParrott ever since its foundation. Setting up their own agency in 1969, Jasper Parrott and Terry Harrison pioneered a new approach to management – one which was intensive, international, and centered around the needs and aspirations of the artists.

Today, that restless and challenging spirit is as strong as ever, shared across one of the most experienced teams in the business. 

For Companies

Supporting the Arts provides an invaluable way for companies to strengthen their brand, reach new clients and reward existing ones, engage employees, meet their corporate social responsibilities and stand out from the competition. Thanks to our extensive network in the global cultural community and our in-depth understanding of how to leverage sponsorships, we develop mutually-beneficial partnerships that enable innovative cultural projects to take place while delivering substantial benefits to the supporting companies. 

For Artists

Carefully selected brand partnerships are an attractive proposition for artists, allowing them to reach wider audiences, generate additional income and fund specific projects that are close to their hearts, such as recordings, tours or education and outreach projects.  With our network of corporate contacts across a wide range of industries we help artists develop business relationships with companies whose values and profile are closely aligned with their own, and where the partnership can deliver commercial and PR rewards to both sides.  


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