Spira mirabilis

Spira mirabilis begin residency at Bremen Festival, awarded Förderpreis Deutschlandfunk 2010 award

26 August 2010

From 3-10 September, Spira mirabilis will be in residency at the Bremen Festival, performing Brahms' Serenade No. 1 and Beethoven's Symphony No. 8. The ensemble have also been awarded the Förderpreis Deutschlandfunk 2010. Given to young artists since 1998, previous recipients include Julia Fischer, Lera Auerbach, Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Kristian Bezuidenhout, Antoine Tamestit and Cinquecento.

Despite only being founded in 2007, Spira mirabilis have already established a busy performing career with appearances at the opening of the season of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and at London's Southbank Centre in 2010/2011.

The ensemble, consisting of elite young professional musicians from around the world who are active in many of the best European orchestras, gathers in a remote town of Northern Italy - Formigine - where they perform and rehearse intensively, without a conductor, and with the spirit of an enlarged chamber group. They eventually present their work to non-traditional audiences in venues as diverse as concert halls, schools and even town squares.