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Kodo appoint Tamasaburo Bando as Artistic Director

19 September 2011

Kodo has invited Kabuki luminary Tamasaburo Bando to become its Artistic Director - the first in the group's history. Kodo Managing Director Takao Aoki commented "Kodo has never before appointed an artistic director from outside the company, so this is a first-time endeavor. Under Tamasaburo's direction, we expect our organization and its individuals will be challenged to achieve a higher level of performing arts than ever before." The appointment will be effective from April 2012. 

One of Japan's leading female-role actors, Tamasaburo Bando has collaborated in new dramas, modern plays and foreign works. As a dancer, has collaborated with artists in various fields including Yo-Yo Ma and choreographer Maurice Béjart. As a film director and artistic director, his work has been praised for both its beauty and originality. A full announcement from Kodo can be found at the link below. 

Kodo Announcement