Nikolai Lugansky

Critical Acclaim for Lugansky in International Piano Series

15 January 2011

The UK press have given overwhelmingly positive reviews for Nikolai Lugansky's recent performance at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. 

Geoff Brown of The Times remarked on the combination of lyricism and power in Lugansky's playing, writing: "Here Lugansky leapt in early, offering powerfully persuasive accounts of three Etudes d’exécution transcendante with a glittering side trip to Italy tucked in from his Années de pèlerinage. Plenty of dynamite in his playing here, though humanity still smiled in the furious flurries of Chasse-neige, the disturbed repose of the Harmonies du soir, and the thunderous Etude in F minor. Clarity of touch and colour, effortless delivery: here were the best Lugansky hallmarks.” The Daily Telegraph's Ivan Hewett agreed: Lugansky managed to be shapely and expressive as well as dark and regretful… in these pieces Liszt’s attention is turned outwards. He’s painting scenes, whether it’s snow falling, as in Chasse-neige, or wedding bells, as in Sposalizio. Lugansky limned them all in brilliant colours, with plenty of virtuoso swagger to add a touch of the sublime.”

The Evening Standard's glowing praise for the pianist was even clearer: "Nikolai Lugansky has all the makings of the modern virtuoso… In three of Liszt’s Transcendental Studies, he showed equal tact in music that seems to demand caution be thrown to the winds… Liszt intended that this music should be stupefying; Lugansky didn’t disappoint… Towards the end of her life, his former tutor Tatiana Nikolaeva, herself a giant of the Russian pianistic tradition, declared that Lugansky was “the next one”. She wasn’t wrong.”

Nikolai Lugansky plays further recitals throughout February, including performances in Nantes (2), Orleans (5), Munich Herkulessal (9) and Staatstheater Damstadt (10 February); and in March, Lugansky travels to Porto (3) and later, Bilbao (4 March).

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