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Krystian Zimerman won the prestigious Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw at the age of eighteen and was catapulted into the forefront of the international circuit. He has worked with many great musicians including Artur Rubinstein, Leonard Bernstein, and Herbert von Karajan, all of whom were very influential in his career. Zimerman has a very meticulous attitude to recording and many of his discs have won prizes, including the Gramophone Award, the grand Prix du Disque and the Diapason D'Or. These days Zimerman prefers to concentrate on solo recitals, bringing his own specially prepared piano and keyboards personally to every concert. In 2013 he performed Lutoslawski’s Piano Concerto in several venues worldwide to mark the 100th anniversary of the composer’s birth.

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"The Philharmonia had bagged the best possible soloist: Krystian Zimerman, the work’s original dedicatee. He’s as fastidiously intense as Lutoslawski himself, and can seem forbiddingly lofty on stage. Here he was all smiles, throwing himself into the music’s spry opening gestures with enormous relish, caressing the Chopin-like arabesques and rounding off each fragmentary phrase in a way that seemed to conjure forth the orchestra’s response." (The Telegraph, January 2013)

“Those qualities all shone out of the recital’s highlight, the B flat minor sonata. It’s a psychological trainwreck of a piece, hinged around that much-abused Funeral March, but Zimerman built up to that point with stunning poise, striving for simplicity and line over effect and incident. When it came, that march rose out on a thread of sound as if from the grave itself, before pounding into horrifying life. Equally breathtaking was the Op 31 Scherzo in B flat — a miniature drama whose tangled thickets parted at Zimerman’s magic touch.” (The Times, February 2010)

“…but with the Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman nothing is everyday. These concert appearances of his are parcelled out sparely, like gifts of rare jewels (which indeed they resemble). Programmes are agonised over; so is the condition of his pianos. And the playing? Only the exceptional with Zimerman, of course; just as it has been since he took top prize as a 19-year-old at the 1975 Warsaw Chopin Competition. The Mozart here was amazing in its quiet clarity and poise.” (The Times, June 2005)

“Zimerman is… direct and invigorating; indeed his freshness of approach stimulates interest in pieces that may have become slightly dulled over the years. Zimerman's success here is that although one appreciates the technical magnificence that he has devoted to each Impromptu he has done so without diminishing the music's soul; indeed, I found them especially moving and stimulating. This is a magnificent release.” (International Record Review, October 2008)